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20 June 2013 @ 01:33 pm
Over Four Years!  
Four years ago I was mostly vegan and vegetarian.
In the spring of 2009 I found out I was severely B12 deficient.
I immediately began hardcore supplementation for two months,
and I'm glad I did because immediately afterward I became pregnant with my first child.
My pregnancy was full of aches and pains. I ate a vegetarian diet, with cheese and dairy and lots of wheat
and lots of Mexican foods. I craved cheesey, gooey, milk-shake like things, and I let myself have whatever I was craving within reason.
I gained 85lbs.
I believe perhaps that was a bit overkill.
I nursed my son for 16 months, several weeks into my second pregnancy with my daughter.
Right before I became pregnant with her I started eating meat again.
I broke 15 years of vegetarianism with organic buffalo steak on a beautiful organic salad.
It was exactly what my body needed.
I am still nursing my daughter, she is 14 months old.

This past December my husband and I, under the supervision of our doctor, <b>gave up wheat, dairy, corn, soy and sugar</b> and stopped eating anything remotely processed. Though now on occasion we'll eat brown rice pasta, for awhile we weren't even doing that.
We have stuck to this more or less, and our children have experienced great amounts of vitality on this whole foods diet.
We eat eggs, some organic meats, we make bone broth often, eat goat dairy on occasion, some rice and other heritage grains, and we never limit ourselves on the amount of fresh produce that we can eat, and are growing a garden to supplement our need for organic greens.

As I am contemplating my own health, I have been brought back to the importance of enzymes and micronutrients in my diet,
and have looked at the overarching problem I've had in my diet with grains and sugar.

At this point I am attempting to eat a high-raw diet with a few weekly eggs and monthly raw fish.
I feel like when I am totally done having babies and breastfeeding that I would be open to being raw vegan again.
I wonder how other people's health journeys have played out, what with baby-having shaking things up!